Formative and Benchmark Testing

Formative Tests

Each grade level, as a whole, gives formative tests that are assessments measuring mastery of Arizona College and Career Ready Standards. We give the assessments every one to two weeks on specific objectives within each standard we teach in class. Queen Creek Elementary School designates a student’s performance level based on 80% mastery of the weekly or bi-weekly standard. Each formative assessment consists of five questions that are different for each grade level. Whether the student is above or below 80% correct, or three out of the five questions, determines if they will attend a daily reteach or enrich class for that standard. Students take the formative tests throughout each school quarter. We reassess the skills on the quarterly benchmark assessments, which provide immediately useful feedback for the teachers to improve instructional practices.

Benchmark Assessments

Benchmark assessments are quarterly assessments given to all students in first through twelfth grades. Once we receive the data from the quarterly benchmarks, we determine the performance of each student, each class, and each grade level. We analyze the data from the benchmarks to determine which students are meeting the standards, approaching the standards, and falling far below the standards. This will allow us to determine the effectiveness of the curriculum and instruction implemented in the classroom. Based on the immediately available quarterly data, teachers can efficiently modify their instruction to increase student achievement.